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PLEASE Stop donations to JAPAN

In the middle of March 2011 the world was astonished by the images of the earthquake and the tsunami that desolated Japan.
Millions of people around the world prayed for the victims of this natural tragedy.
Donations of different types started flowing into japan from all over the world to help the affected people.

This week, Japan astonished us again, when the Agriculture and Fishing Minister Michihiko Kano announced that they will resume their bloody Whale hunt. Once again, the ships from the country of the "Raising Sun" will try again to hunt, kill and dismember “1000 whales" to feed the internal market (the whale meat is sold at upscale restaurants for over 100 dollars a pound … about 220 dollars a kilo)

As if this weren't enough, the Japanese government has committed 74 million dollars (in posteriors press declaration they promised 40 million dollars, still a ridiculous amount of money) to help equip the Whaling fleet, and promised to send a patrol ship to protect the whale murderers (last year they were unable to fulfill their governmental quota due to the interference imposed by the ecologist group “SEA SHEPHERD”).

According to the information from several sources (wikipedia,JE&SR, Yahoo , and others), after the March disaster the Republic of JAPAN has received about 200 million dollars in cash and another 200 in material goods, now the Japanese government plans to use between 10 y 20 percent of it in order to kill whales.

If the Japanese government can waste many like this, is pretty evident that they do not need any kind of donations.

An old Scuba diver told me once that the red disk in the Japanese flag is not due to the "Raising Sun" but to the blood of the whales they have killed.
I leave you my visualization of that concept.

Finally, I invite you to visit the wonderfull "Secretos del Mar", by Tito Rodriguez (who was my scuba diving instructor and a real passionate of the sea).

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