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time for a little fun ...

Dear Friends,
It's been some time from my last entry, and that's because the Vista migration at work it's driving me crazy (Sorry Bill but it's not the best Microsoft product ever).
Anyway, I took the Thanksgiving holiday and a couple of extra days and come over, or should I say down, to Buenos Aires for a couple of days (5 to be exact), and it's 5 vacation days, 5 days to do absolutely nothing ... after 46 days or working continuously, I think i deserved some downtime ... specially when keeping in mind that I have another 20 or so similarly full days ahead ...
Anyway, I took time to read some of those "fun" emails that I did not have time to check out before, and among them was one from my friend Diego P. that I found crazily funny and I want to share with you.

Of course, after I recommend that you check the rest of the videos from this comedian Jeff Dunham, as they are unbelievable good.

have fun !!!
Oh, and before I forget: HAPPY BIRTHDAY MALENA !!!!! I really enjoyed your 1st birthday party tonight.
Best Regards, Marianok



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