Welcome to my Site!

                    Let me Introduce myself, I'm Mariano Sergio Cosentino ("Marianok" or simply "MOK" to my friends), and I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina back in '71.

                    I'm nuts about Computer and technology in general (my friends also say that I'm nuts, plain and simple, but that's another  issue)

                    I stated to play with computers in the early '80s, my first computer was a Timex Sinclair 1000 (that I keep), and it it's 2KB of RAM it opened my eyes to whole new world.

                    I'm not a sport's fan, while I do watch sports for the big events (like the soccer World Cap), I admit to know very little about any sport besides Scuba Diving (one of my passions).

                    I'm a simple guy that enjoys working, love challenges, and a nice life (not a luxury life).

                    I'm passionate about everything I do, from work, to hobbies, to love live. I'm not one to live only the "today" (forgetting there is a tomorrow), but I do seize the moment.

                    I'm a lucky guy, while I faced thought time along the way, I've been bless me with the important things: I had a wonderful childhood, a great mother, a lovely woman on my side, work doing what I love, and while my family is small, life has complemented with some really amazing friends !!!

                    Come on, take a look around this site and see what else you can learn about me ... 

                      I leave you with something my mother used to tell me: 

                            "You are the Architect for your own Destiny, make it a good one !!!"

                                                                        Mariano Sergio Cosentino