Courses and Seminaries

June 2006                EMC Corporation, Summit, NJ

        EMC's Centera Operations

December 2003                Unisys Corporation, Chicago, IL

         Workshop: "Implementing and Supporting Self-Managing Technologies in the Data Center"

December 1997       Sonda Computación S.A.

Conducted by staff from Microsoft.

            'Exchange Server 5.5'

November 1997      University of Belgrano

'Strategic Planning'

October 1997      University of Belgrano

'Technical Survey'

October 1997      Tecnoda SA

Dictated by company personnel of "Tango/04"

'Replication with DataMirror'

07/97 09/97      University of Belgrano

Taught by Teachers of "IT College IT"

'Windows NT 4.0'

March 1997    IT College.

"Migrating to Windows NT 4.0"

May 1996      University of Belgrano.

Taught by Experts from the company SIEMENS.

'Information Security'

April 1996      Sheraton Hotel in Buenos Aires.

Dictated by the Ph. D. Nicholas Negroponte.

'Present, Past and Future of the Internet'

June 1995      University of Belgrano

'Prospective Trends in Computing'

October 1992      MICROSOFT Seminar Series, CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, USA

'MS-Word for Windows'


'Programing with Visual BASIC'

July 1992      Joliet Junior College, Joliet, Illinois, USA

'UNIX Systems Administration'

May 1992    Comdex Spring '92

'Data Security'

'Data Compression Algorithm and the LHZ'

February 1992      Software Development '92

'Multimedia: Specifications & Certification'

'Training with Multimedia'

February 1989      PsicoOrientología Institute

"Silva Mind Control '