Interlink Technologies (VP - IT)

Responsibilities    :

Direct management of a 30 people team.

IT personnel Selection. Management and Couching

Influencer for over 500 systems in 30 locations around the world.

International On-Site assistance.

Exchange Administration (including EMC’s Centera and EMC’s Legato EmailXtender).

EMC-SAN Administration (including replication to our remote backup site).

ISA Administration.

Network Planning and Management.



Accomplishments                :

Created (from scratch) a Datacenter that now includes over 300 servers and related equipment, providing services to 900+ users in 3 different continents on 24 x 7 bases.

Selection, management, training and couching of a team capable of supporting this infrastructure.

Developed a set of Procedure manuals, Services Logs, and several other Documentation and monitoring procedures to ensure the “knowledge transfer” and improve the response time and job quality.

Designed and assisted in the technological reconversion of MSC South Africa. Trained their local team and still provide Technological Support in regular bases.

Planned and Managed the Technological (Hardware and Software) upgrade of MSC USA. This included:

·         Planning the project and following up on the resource availability and the work and morale of the 12 person’s team.

·         Windows Infrastructure Migration from a mixed NT 4 / W 2000 organization to a new W2003 infrastructure

·         Exchange Migration (From 5.5 to Exchange 2003 SP1)

·         Migration all of MSC USA’s IT services from their servers to our own servers.

·         Replacing and upgrading all Client’s Workstations (over 800)

·         Onsite Upgrade for all 900 Workstations and 40 servers at the Branch offices

·         Implementing resources for remote management and monitoring, allowing for a Centralize administration and Help Desk and eliminating the need for local IT teams.

·         Organizing and monitoring Personnel allocation and User’s training.

·         Inventory and documentation of IT property and resources in each branch office.


Analyzed and developed action plans for a wide variety of disaster scenarios, including the total destruction of our Main Datacenter with will allow the company to be back up and running (from a Secondary site) within an hour.

Instrumental in remarketing our company as a “Services Provider” instead of just a “Software development” company.

Designed and Implemented a Hosted DRP Service for Interlink Technologies’ Clients.

Designing and implementing a “Remote Disaster Site” that will allow other MSC companies around the world to continue operation in case of a Catastrophic disaster that affects their local Datacenters.

Redesign of our parent company’s Technological Help Desk to provide a better customer experience.

Participated on the Corporate-wide Technology redesign project.

Represented our company in the following MS TAP Programs:

·         Windows XP 64 bits

·         Exchange 2007 SP1

·         Windows Vista

·         Windows 2008

·         Windows 2008 R2

·         Windows 7

·         SQL 2005

·         Communicator 2005

·         Communicator 2007

·         Office 14


Technological update from Windows XP to Windows Vista. This included:

·         Created a self configurable and self updating image to be deployed to 1200+ factory new machines. (completely hands free from OOB to user ready)

·         Planned and monitored the Factory Imaging (by DELL), testing and distributions of the new systems.

·         Coordinated with Management, users and technicians the installation of the new systems and the return of the old ones.

·         Developed the course material and coordinated the training of all users in the new technologies (Vista, Office 2007, and others)

·         The 1200+ systems were replaced in 20 days with zero productivity loss.