* Others

    There are several other programs, utilities, or creations that I developed over the years, many of them do not have a current function, they may have had it in the past and were later replaced, or might have been part of work or projects that never materialize, or part of my research and development of technologies or knowledge, and also there are several that existed simply for experimentation or for purely personal  reason .

All these elements come together is this section, initially thought called "Bits and ends" 

The reason for posting them is simply to document that they existed at some point :-) and also to make them available in the unlikely case that someone would still find them useful.


One of the advantages of a developer is being able to create something completely new and original, bulk copy it and give it away to friends and acquaintances with very little capital investment. This comes especially  useful in times of "lean cows" (Argentinean expression to indicate bad economic times).

Arbolito (X-Mas Tree) is a REALLY EASY and basic program, that simply shows a Christmas tree in the Windows notification bar, with a series of lights that turn on and off rhythmically. 

It was a gift I made ​​for my friends in '96 or '97.